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I am getting repeat visits from users outside of my home area who would not know me. I would appreciate it if you sent me an email, or sign my guestbook. I'm curious to know how you came across this site, what captured your attention, and why you may be returning, especially if you are outside the NYC metro area, or from another country.

Since I have started taking digital photographs, I've collected thousands of images. This is not a 'best of' portfolio of my work, its pretty much my entire collection - only the worst images have been deleted. You'll find the good ones mixed in with others... decide for yourself. This is a work in progress, so additional galleries are being constantly added.

I have only included some of the pictures which have been 'Photoshopped'. Many would look better with some color adjustment, better cropping, etc. Feel free to offer suggestions. There are several options available if you wish to leave a comment.

Notes about this site:
  • Photograph titles are the file names as stored on my PC. Not all are descriptive.
  • Images have been reduced in size so the maximum image dimension is 1280 pixels.

  • You will see many files with numeric fields. These represent the year, month, day and sequence number
example: 'Hudson 091002 02' would be 2009, October 2nd, photo 2 in the sequence
  • For the photographers, exposure settings (EXIF) info is available for all photos.
  • Most galleries are displayed in chronological order.
  • My 'best of' (IMHO) photos are right here on the Home Page Slide Show.

Images cannot be saved with a mouse click. If there is a picture you would like a copy of, please contact me.

Please feel free to offer any suggestions or comments.